It is like learning a whole new language, literally!

A lot of websites you visit say, " New to Python? Great, it is an easy language to learn."   but not many websites say, "New to Python? Great, it is a great language to teach. Let me show you how!"

I can imagine there are many people out there in the teaching field who were (are) just like me! Learning how to code and teaching it at the same time. Struggling to keep up ahead of the learning trend and need or barely at the cusp. It is a daunting task. In a recent study by PWC,  a global consulting firm stated that "Most K–12 teachers are not confident in teaching higher-level technology skills, like data analytics, computer programming languages, website design/creation, and robotics. Only 10% of K–12 teachers feel confident incorporating higher-level technology into student learning. This data held true across grade level, school affluence, and teacher experience level." So how do we bridge this gap easier, in order to help our students prepare for the future?

My first suggestion is just to "Jump in! Headfirst!" Forget those tutorials, and hours of reading (at first), just start playing. Get on one of the Hour of Code websites or games and work through some basic game-like activities that we assign to our students.


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