The hidden gems of Fortnite!

Combining Fortnite and school lessons are sure to get students engaging and discussing in class. With this quick 50 minute lesson, students can have fun with some real-world math skills. Learning two variable inequalities can seem a bit boring and useless to some students, but what better way to learn than by making connections with something they are currently passionate about, Fortnite.

“ Did you know that even though Fortnite is a free download, and the weapons are free, that in the month of “May alone, estimates place the total revenue from Fortnite to be $318 million - a staggering amount for any game, let alone a completely free one”  (Dexter, 2018).

Fortnite makes its money with 'in-game' purchases like character skins, back bling, gliders and emotes.  All these items cost real money in the form of 'V-bucks' to purchase. Although you earn V-Bucks from hours played, players can also purchase V-Bucks, for dollars. For example, you may already know that $1,000 V-Bucks costs only $9.99 (This is not including the Battle Pass option.) "

In this lesson, students used V-bucks, discount sales, and math skills to calculate the different amounts of skins that they could purchase in Fortnite. Afterward, students discussed and reflected on other ways that inequalities could be used to help them in the real world. Check out the full lesson plan.


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