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Unit Planning in Computer Science

Writing Lessons for a Computer Science class is a little harder than a typical classroom. When I taught science, in my head, the concepts were simple, succinct, and the answers were black and white. While I know this is not true for the real world in science, but at a 7th grade science level, there are not too many opportunities for variance.

All students in your class, tend to learn the same topic and they have a set number of outcomes that they have to achieve.  Except for the few Project Based Learning(PBL) Units, filtered in the year, students are often exploring the topics as "deep" as the teacher allows.

When it comes to variance, there is not that much difference in the learning. The same happens at the basic level when learning how to code.  We learn loops, conditionals, algorithms, syntax, etcetera but the deep dive beyond the concepts is limited. We practice unplugged, and guided activities. That is until, we process and start to use the concepts.

In science, this …

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